My new favorite rose petal mist. My dark spots appear lighter, it's super hydrating and it keeps my skin glowing all day. Love.

Jamie A.

I cannot believe how soft this mist makes my skin. It is like reversing 20 years of ageing every time i spray it. Such a luxury. It is an easy way to pamper yourself. I definitely reccomend! 


I love this! It helps me so much in prepping my skin for the harshness of the day ahead 

Erin H.


Using only two ingredients: pure water and the petals of organic Ganganagri and Pushkar wild roses. The rose petals are hand-picked in small batch harvests and grown without any pesticides or harmful fertilizers that could corrupt the integrity of our product or inhibit its skin benefits.


Our rosewater is clearly marked, “steamed distillate rosa damascena,” which lets you know that it was made by steam-distilling pure rose petals. The time-intensive process of distilling the rose petals results in a product rich in the potent natural properties of the petal itself.


Locking in the beneficial nutrients of the rose itself, it’s rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin C that fight aging and restore skin health. It also balances oil, reduce redness, tones, hydrates and contains anti-inflammatory properties while it visibly brightens skin.


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